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Art and Graphic Design

The graphic design program at SNU immediately starts you on your path as a creative in the first semester. We introduce the design process, from concept to final product, through courses in basic software application and design theory. Which means you are training yourself to think like a designer. You will have various courses that teach you how to produce the images and concepts used to promote, sell, educate, and inform our world. Our small class size allows for personal, individual attention throughout the program with a focus on job placement in the field. 

Our faculty encourage you to develop your own individual design style based on your personal strengths. You are supported by constructive discussion, methods to improve and technique suggestions in group critiques, by design peers and of course, the faculty. We are invested in your success. 

  • Immediate exposure to understanding the design process from concept to completion. 
  • Training in the software used in the professional realm in the design student’s first year 
  • Small class size for personal, individual attention throughout the program with the focus on job
    placement after graduation 
  • Theory of design projects help students discover and explore their personal design aesthetic
    based on their individual strengths 
  • Provides a variety of unique internship and experience opportunities 

We understand the value of having students interact in the professional environment of their field. That is why our graphic design majors can participate in a varied list of internship possibilities that change, and grow, each year. We have had students intern at Ackerman McQueen, Crider and Associates, Freestyle Creative, the City of Yukon, Oklahoma Health Care Authority, Putnam City Baptist Church, Brides of Oklahoma Magazine, Creatco, and more. 

You may want to put your design skills on display. As a graphic design major, you can investigate opportunities in professional organizations in our area. SNU participates in the organizations of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and the tenth district chapter of the American Advertising Federation, the OKC Ad Club. Each year we attend the Career Day tour of agencies in the Oklahoma City metro area through the OKC Ad Club. We have also entered the OKC Ad Club’s annual professional competition in the student category and have consistently won Addy awards.

Here’s a link to the 2021 Senior Design Show portfolios.

  • Students will understand and demonstrate the design process from start to finish 
  • Students can visually and verbally articulate chosen concept and final design
    solution in a classroom and professional setting 
  • Students will exhibit graphic design projects with a professional level of
    presentation and craft skills 
  • Students can critique or evaluate design skills and design solutions, individually
    and in peer situations 
  • Students understand and demonstrate proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite
    software applications 
  • Students will participate in the local art and design community 
  • Students will have a working knowledge of the history and contemporary trends
    of graphic design

SNU graduates hold the knowledge to get great jobs or continue their education. Graphic Design majors hold jobs at graphic design firms, advertising agencies, freelance graphic design jobs, some even enter the workforce prior to graduation. 

When you graduate with your degree in graphic design from SNU, you’ll have the preparation you need for a successful career in many professions such as:

● Graphic Designer

● Art Director

● Creative Director

● Product designer

● Exhibit designer

● Production Artist

● User Experience (UX) Designer

● Freelance Artist

● Packaging Designer

● Social Media Visual Content Creator

Phyllis Eagle, SNU’s Graphic Design Department Chair, has 40 years experience in the creative field of graphic design. She is a multiple winner of the industry’s professional achievement award, the Addy, and is actively involved in taking students to OKC Ad Club activities such as Career Day, guest speaker luncheons and the Addy Awards.

Eagle over the years has been the art director of several local and national publications, and designed for non-profits such as Artsplace, Ballet Oklahoma and the OKC Philharmonic. She opened a boutique advertising agency, Scissortail Graphics, and acquired over 60 clients regionally, including Caterpillar and Express Personnel, then she sold the firm. For the past 25+ years, she has shared the daily operations of Ink Ranch, Inc, a design firm her husband Cameron Eagle started. Her years of working in the profession provides a wide educational resource list of design professionals for SNU. Many have already been helpful for portfolio reviews, hired as adjuncts, conducted design and technology workshops, and helped with internship placements.

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