Welcome to the College of Natural, Social, and Health Sciences. We are blessed to have incredible, dedicated professors who invest into the lives of students and help them find their vocation as an expression of their gifts and desire to make a difference in the world. And we are grateful for our many outstanding undergraduates who strive to do their best in fulfilling that to which God is calling them. The “College of Sciences” is multi-faceted in offering an assortment of majors leading to professions as varied as working in the healthcare field or on the sports field or in the classroom. Our programs are rigorous and intentional in preparing students for success in graduate and professional school or as competent professionals in the workplace. At the heart of everything we do, we purpose to make Christlike disciples through a supportive community that seeks to model Christian faith and practice in all we say and do. Feel free to explore these pages and discover your place within the College of Sciences.

Dr. Mark Winslow
BS  Physics, Greenville College
MS Physics, University of Kansas
PhD Science Education, Kansas State University


The mission of the College of Natural, Social, and Health Sciences is to equip graduates with a scientific paradigm and skills coupled with a Christ-centered worldview preparing them to succeed in graduate and professional school and in a scientific, healthcare, or educational career.

General Objectives

The College seeks to train students to:

  • develop a strong foundation in the essential principles and methods of inquiry in the sciences relevant to their major
  • construct knowledge through the dynamic interaction of scientific and Christian paradigms and practices
  • cultivate ethical principles towards responsible stewardship of natural and human resources

Learning Outcomes

In the context of various systems within the natural world and society, students upon graduation will demonstrate the ability to:

  • understand and apply scientific thinking and methods of inquiry
  • utilize integrative and critical thinking skills to solve problems
  • read and evaluate literature; devise, conduct, and analyze research; and effectively interpret, present, and apply relevant findings
  • articulate and apply relevant scientific and Christian paradigms to their discipline
  • apply ethical principles and Christian virtues in making responsible decisions



School of Kinesiology
School of Nursing
School of Science and Mathematics
Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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