English Scholarships

Department of English Scholarships

Bracken, Nelle Wetmore Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by Mr. & Mrs. Barth Bracken
  • Provides funds for a need-based scholarship for upper-division English majors with a concentration in literature
  • Amount varies

Coburn, Dorothy Memorial Scholarship

  • Established and funded by Dr. Thurman Coburn
  • Provides funds to an English major with strong Christian values, who possess creativity and a long-term objective of publishing
  • To be eligible, candidates must have completed two semesters of creative writing coursework
  • Amount varies

Dickerman, Prof. Ethel Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by Prof. Ethel Dickerman, and nephew, Al Dickerman
  • Provides scholarships for English majors based on financial need and academic scholarship
  • $500 increments

Dobson, Dr. Willis B. Memorial Scholarship

  • Funded by alumni and friends
  • Provides a need-based scholarship to a sophomore or junior English major, based on academic standing
  • Amount varies

Ellis, Dorothy Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by Dr. David Ellis, husband; Dr. Peggy Poteet, daughter, and friends
  • Funds scholarships for English majors in good academic standing who reflect SNU’s motto of “Character-Culture-Christ”
  • Amount varies

Gresham, Daniel K. Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by Dr. & Mrs. L. Paul Gresham, parents; Dr. Loren P. Gresham, brother; and friends
  • Provides a need-based scholarship for an upper-division undergraduate English major who has an aptitude for creative writing – a “person of free spirit” – with an honors-level GPA
  • Amount varies

Jennings, Charles Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by the friends and former students of Dr. Jennings, with permanent endowed funding provided by Dr. Les & Linda Wright, former students
  • English Majors or Minors
  • Amount varies

Laughbaum, Dr. Anna Belle Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by the late Dr. Anna Belle Laughbaum, with additional gifts from family members, her former students, and the Estate of Anna Belle Laughbaum
  • Provides scholarships for upper-division English majors
  • Amount varies

Literary Field Studies

Summer Research ScholarshipRustin, Phyllis Scholarship

  • Established by Bart & Phyllis Rustin
  • Restricted to any full-time undergraduate English major
  • Amount varies

Tolle, Henry Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by Dr. Peggy Poteet, niece, and Mr. Henry Tolle
  • Provides awards for full-time students majoring in English
  • Amount varies

Please note:  All scholarships are available only to traditional students in traditional programs unless otherwise specified.

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