Dr. Gayle Kearns-Buie

Faculty Directory Headshot of Gayle A Kearns-Buie
School of Graduate Studies
Education & Leadership
Ed.D., 1988, Oklahoma State University
MS, 1975, University of Oklahoma
MBE, 1973, University of Oklahoma
Dr. Kearns-Buie was appointed to her latest position as Dissertation Director for Southern Nazarene University in 2019. Her educational journey began in 1973 as a Securities Officer for the Federal Reserve Bank and continued as a high school teacher for 12 years, a career and technology administrator for 6 years and as a higher education faculty and administrator for now more than 30 years. The majority of Dr. Kearns higher education career was at the University of Central Oklahoma where she served as faculty, chairperson, Academic Dean and Chief Academic Officer of the Academy of Contemporary Music. Her last 5 years have afforded her the opportunity to work in the faith-based world as a Dean and Dissertation Director.

A highlight of Dr. Kearns is working with students, especially doctoral candidates. The position as Dissertation with the new Doctorate in Education and Administration Leadership (DEAL) has been such a dream come true as she completes her journey in higher education. Every journey was amazing, but this is definitely the ultimate position in higher education.

Kearns earned her Bachelor of Science in Business and Master of Science in Business from the University of Oklahoma. She earned her doctorate in Adult Education from Oklahoma State University.

Hobbies or fun fact: Travel of all kinds
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