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SNU Sunday

April 28th is SNU Sunday! Hundreds of congregations will be premiering the 2019 SNU Sunday video and praying for their university on Sunday, April 28th – or another date that fits their church calendar best.  

Through the video, you catch a glimpse of the spirit of the students and hear from President Keith Newman’s heart about the ways your university continues to be a unique place – set apart by its mission to prepare people for lives of service – to be LiveLast followers of Christ.

The deepest desire of the entire campus family is that each of the more than 600 churches on the South Central Region will join SNU in the LiveLast movement. And, that every pastor will lead in a time of prayer for the students, faculty, administration and staff of your university – Southern Nazarene University – Serving Christ Since 1899.  

Download the video and find even more resources at SNU Sunday.

A Challenge to LIVELast and Serve

When he was elected the 15th President of Southern Nazarene University, Keith Newman knew God was calling him to do more than just lead the business of running a school. Beyond the important work of administration, fiscal responsibility and providing a first-class education, was the call to lead the students, faculty and staff on a journey of discovery. A journey of learning to follow Christ’s example and command to us, to put others first and “live last.”

In his inauguration speech, Newman outlined his vision to see SNU become a unique place, where those who are called to serve are prepared, and then, sent out to serve. This message has echoed throughout his tenure; in memorable Chapel experiences, opportunities to serve nearby and afar, and now – beautifully expressed in his new book, “LIVELast.”

In LIVELast, not only does Newman engage readers with entertaining stories, thought-provoking questions, and challenges; he lays out practical and relevant ways we can move from what we know we should do – to becoming a disciple who eagerly and naturally puts others first – and serves.

An important aspect of this new work is its direct benefit to students at SNU. All proceeds from the sales of LIVELast will support scholarships that are designed to assist students who are experiencing great financial need. Oftentimes, an award from these funds can be the means for a student to stay in school and persist to graduation.

“What I love most about Dr. Newman’s book,” said Terry Toler, SNU’s Vice President for Church Relations, “is how it’s going to benefit not only our students, through the scholarship funding, but also our Regional pastors, with its inspiring and encouraging message.” Toler added, “I hope every church will make it a priority to order copies for their leadership team, their graduates, for a lasting and meaningful gift, and for anyone who is searching for the true essence of following Christ – to be last of all and servant of all.”

To support student scholarships by securely purchasing LIVELast online, visit

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