Honoring SNU Department of Public Safety

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Since 1962, Peace Officers Memorial Day has been observed on May 15, with the week to follow deemed National Police Week.  These days are set aside to honor those who have lost their lives in the line of duty and to acknowledge those who protect us every day.   

We are grateful for the officers who serve our campus. Since April 2021, the SNU Department of Public Safety has been an accredited law enforcement agency, allowing a greater level of protection and security for SNU’s students, employees, and guests.  Since there is no longer the necessity to wait for outside or non-SNU law enforcement agencies to respond, SNU DPS can provide a level of care and support tailored in a way than that of an outside organization. 

SNU also enjoys the benefits of law enforcement responses that understand the uniqueness of the SNU community as a faith-based organization. Our officers understand how our faith guides our activities and responses and can take action accordingly. SNU DPS is on campus with our students and employees daily, developing relationships, including an onsite officer at the SNU Lab School. The department often collaborates closely with other campus entities, such as student life, counseling services, and academic departments allowing for effective coordination and sharing of information to address safety concerns comprehensively.  Located on or near campus, SNU DPS is able to respond quickly to incidents. Their proximity ensures prompt assistance in emergencies such as thefts, assaults, or medical situations, minimizing potential harm.

Currently, there are six full-time officers and one part-time officer on duty, which includes 2 dual (officer/administrative) roles. Dan Hansen is the Director of Public Safety/Chief of Campus Police, and William (Willie) Hicks is Captain for the department.

“Policing is a tough job, especially in today’s environment,” said Dan Hansen, Director of DPS and Chief of Campus Police.  “Our team comes to work day-in and day-out and does the best they can to create an environment safe for  learning, discovery, and achievement.”  

Our campus is grateful for the steadfast protection and safety the department provides. SNU DPS is the only campus department that is required to operate and be staffed every hour of every day, 365 days of the year. They are always on duty to protect university students, employees, and guests while safeguarding university assets. 

Dr. Dennis Martin, Director of University Operations, shared his praises for the department.  “SNU DPS has made such a difference in the environment on campus in the protection they provide and the relationships they have established. There are real results seen in a reduction in the number of crimes in the area of campus that even our other agency partners, like the City of Bethany Police Department and Warr Acres Police Department, recognize.  Dr. Newman and the SNU Board of Trustees took significant steps in establishing an accredited law enforcement agency for the university,  and I believe it has shown itself to be worthy of the confidence and trust invested in making that decision.”

During National Police Week, we want to express our gratitude for the service of the SNU Department of Public Safety. We appreciate all they do to provide protection and support to our campus community.  We also honor those who have lost their lives in pursuit of justice in this noble profession.

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