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Center for Student Success

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Located next to the coffee shop in the Library, the Center for Student Success at SNU houses many distinct but interconnected areas, all focused on creating spaces of belonging and affinity for all learners at SNU.  Areas of the Center for Student Success include Academic Engagement Services, Disability Services, Intercultural Student Engagement and Learning Opportunities, Commuter Services, Student Retention Initiatives, and New Student Institute.  Each of these diverse programs works to promote and sustain inclusion and a sense of belonging in areas including race, class, gender, ethnicity, culture, and ableness. These programs work in close collaboration to embrace and support SNU’s mission of creating Christ-like disciples through higher education.

  • Academic Engagement

    Our academic engagement services seek to provide all SNU students with a high-quality educational experience through relevant academic programming and support services that fosters academic success. The high-quality experience will lead to students’ readiness for career integration and/or advanced degree aspiration. We execute this mission by offering dynamic support services including academic advising, strategies courses for underprepared students, academic coaching, tutoring services, academic workshops, and our early alert system.

  • Access and Opportunity

    At SNU, we believe the core of our Christian identity is defined by Christ and his work on earth. In this passage, Christ emphasizes that the work of the gospel is one of liberation and flourishing. We believe that by providing access to educational support and resources and by guiding students to opportunities that allow them to grow and flourish, we are fulfilling this central mandate of Christian work in the world. Many of our students find themselves held captive not only by systems of inequity and poverty but also by spiritual and social experiences. We take seriously Christ’s words to “proclaim release to the captives (and) to let the oppressed go free.” With God’s help, we work together with our students to create a place where every student at SNU can thrive and grow in Christ-centered community.

    For more information on the services provided by this area, click here.

  • Commuter Services

    Did you know that 30% of our traditional undergraduates commute to SNU?
    That’s 300+ commuter students!

    Visit the Commuter Life page for more details.  Have questions? Email us, commuters@snu.edu.

  • Disability Services

    The office of Disability Services provides and coordinates support services that enable students with disabilities to receive equal access to all aspects of university life.  The Disability Services director provides accommodations to qualifying students, educates faculty/staff/students on policies, laws, and regulations associated with disability services, serves as an advocate for students in their interactions with faculty and staff, and works to create a culture of inclusiveness for all types of learners at SNU.  Disability Services provides services for traditional undergraduate students, professional studies students, and graduate students at SNU.

    Students may request services by contacting Disability Services at (405) 717-6272 or click here for additional information on available services.

  • Intercultural Student Engagement and Learning Opportunities

    At SNU, we place great value on creating an environment that helps students understand who they are and how their unique identity intersects with others. Intercultural Student Engagement and Learning Opportunities helps to facilitate that learning through educational and co-curricular programs that help raise cultural awareness and appreciation for persons of diverse backgrounds.

    The Office of Intercultural Student Engagement and Learning Opportunities promotes a welcoming and inclusive campus environment that supports the leadership development, social experiences and academic persistence of all students, with an emphasis on those from traditionally under-represented groups on campus. We provide an array of co-curricular programs, workshops, and student leadership opportunities that promote and celebrate the unique intersections of identity and enhance the development of an intercultural community.

    The Intercultural Student Societies provide affinity and belonging for students with similar cultures and experiences through opportunity to build relationships, offer support, and celebrate one another. Students will be able to grow spiritually and professionally while they embrace diversity and inclusion on the SNU campus. Current societies on campus include:

    Black Student Society
    Hispanic & Latinx Student Society
    International Student Society
    Student Society for Women

    For more information regarding Student Societies, email studentsocieties@mail.snu.edu.

    Click here to make a gift to support ILE Student Societies.

  • International Students

    The Center for Student Success offers unique resources and support for International students. More details listed on the International Students page.

  • SNU Tutoring Center

    The SNU Tutoring Center offers FREE tutoring for traditional undergraduate students. To see available subjects and tutors, click HERE! Students utilizing our tutors can set an appointment with the tutor (best option as students with appointments will have first priority), or drop by during the available times for that tutor. Needing help with a paper? Our writing tutors are ready to help! Schedule an appointment and the tutor will contact you for your paper. The SNU Tutoring Center is here to offer support and help our students be successful!

  • Testing Services

    The ACT Test is not Required for Entry to SNU But IS required for Awarding

    Because SNU is a test-optional institution, if you have not taken either the SAT or ACT on a National Test Day, you are eligible for admission to SNU. However, to be eligible for upper academic awards, a score from one of these tests is necessary.  Your exam results help us in making sure you are enrolled in the correct General Education track and placed in the correct initial courses.

    Testing Dates 

    Check ACT.org for testing dates and locations.


    Registration fees will be charged when you register.

    What To Bring With You 

    On test day, you must present legally verified, official photo identification, such as a driver’s license or other photo ID issued by state or federal government. Also, bring with you an ACT-approved calculator if you would like to use it on the math portion of the test.

    Test Day Preparation 

    Visit ACTs website at www.actstudent.org for test day preparation; however, many details for taking the ACT exam are different than taking the ACT on a National Test Date. The details you need to know after you have registered.

    When Results Are Available 

    Exam results will be available within five working days after the exam. The test results are automatically forwarded to the SNU Admission’s and Registrar’s Offices after being scored.

    CLEP at SNU General Information

    CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) exams are national standardized tests that allow students to earn transcript credit by demonstrating they have proficiency in a subject equivalent to the expectations for a college course. All CLEP tests should be taken before a student achieves 36 college hour credits per Southern Nazarene University policy. To arrange to take a CLEP test at SNU, call Testing Services at 405-491-6686. Not all CLEP tests listed will apply to graduation requirements in given majors. To find out what applies to you, contact your University’s Registrar Office.

    Exams are given by appointment only Call to schedule. Please arrive promptly at your appointment time, arriving early isn’t necessary. The exams are 90 minutes in length, except for College Composition with Essay, which is 120 minutes. CLEP tests are offered Monday through Friday by appointment only. Please take your appointment time seriously, if you need to cancel and reschedule we will be happy to do so one time. If you cancel and reschedule a second time, there will be an additional $20 SNU administration fee.

    Testing Location

    The Testing Center is located in the Learning Resources Center (Library), third floor, Suite 325.

    Exam Cost

    As of January 2014, all CLEP exam payments must be made by test-takers online through the My Account registration portal. Please go to https://clepportal.collegeboard.org/myaccount . Here you will be able to select the desired CLEP test, pay for your exam, and find other helpful information pertaining to the CLEP exams. Cost for the test is $89. There is also a separately charged $20.00 administration fee for each test paid by cash, check, or money order to Southern Nazarene University. Sorry, no credit cards are accepted at this time in the Testing Center . Please make sure to print your registration ticket and bring it with you on your test day. If you have questions regarding My Account or the CLEP Exam Registration Ticket, please contact CLEP Services at (800) 257-9558, (212) 237-1331, or clep@info.collegeboard.org


    As of July 1, 2014, CLEP is only requiring one form of ID to be admitted for your exam. It must be a government-issued photo ID bearing your name, signature and a recognizable photo (examples: passport, driver’s license, State ID, etc.). If you do not have an appropriate government ID as stated above, go to the CLEP website http://clep.collegeboard.org/exam-day-info and download the “Student ID Form” that you need to complete that will substitute for the ID. This form can be reused for a period of one year. This form needs to be completed by a school official or by a notary. NOTE: First and last names on your ID must match your on the Registration Ticket.

    Test Day

    On test day: bring your ID, your CLEP registration ticket, and your proctor fee.

    Exam Scores

    You will receive your unofficial score report at the end of the exam, except when taking the
    College Composition with Essay. It is free to have your score provided directly to an institution at the time of the exam. CLEP will charge a $20 fee to send your score to an institution any time after your test date.

    If you take the College Composition with Essay, you will receive one combined score after the essays have been scored, which could take three to four weeks.

    If you do not receive a passing score, you may retake a test in three months. If you retake the exam before three months, your test will not be scored. It is your responsibility to know when you took an exam and if enough time has passed to retest.

    Transcript Credit

    If you pass the exam, a ” P ” will be recorded on your transcript and it does not affect your grade point average. SNU allows up to 30 hours of credit this way. This includes CLEP, AP, Departmental Proficiency, Military Credit, etc.

    Test Prep

    ● Visit the College Board website at www.collegeboard.org/clep which has useful tips, exam descriptions, and sample questions.

    ● On the College Board website, you can order the CLEP Official Study Guide book and exam-specific Exam electronic guides.

    ● Look for books like “How to prepare for CLEP” of which are usually available from local bookstores, libraries, and online.

    ● Another good source to review is the textbook used for the class for which you are trying to get CLEP credit.

    Veterans: Please visit U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs for information on financial help at https://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill/national_testing.asp

    The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a program that enables students to earn college credit for introductory-level courses by achieving satisfactory scores on subject-specific tests. For more information about the available tests, go to https://clep.collegeboard.org/.


    The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is a graduate admissions exam. It is a mental ability test requiring the solution of problems stated as analogies. Performance on the MAT is designed to reflect the candidate’s analytical thinking, an ability that is critical for success in both graduate school and professional life.

    To arrange to take a MAT exam at SNU, call Testing Services at 405-491-6686 or email ddavis263@mail.snu.edu

    Exams are given by appointment only. Please arrive promptly at your appointment time, coming early is not necessary. The exam is 60 minutes in length and there will be up to another 30 minutes of registration and online test tutorial time in addition to your exam time.

    Exam Cost: The cost to take the MAT at SNU is $70 ($50 MAT exam fee and $20 SNU administrative fee) and is paid in cash or by check to Southern Nazarene University. No credit or debit cards are accepted in the testing center.

    Please take your appointment time seriously. If you need to cancel and reschedule, we will be happy to do so one time for free. If you cancel and reschedule a second time, there will be an additional $20 administration fee.

    Testing Location: The Testing Center is located in the Learning Resources Center (Library) on the 3rd floor in Suite 325 (Off the elevator, turn left, then right at the end of the hall. The testing center is through the second door on the right.)

    Bring With You: On test day, bring your receipt of payment and two forms of identification. Your primary ID must include your photo and signature; e.g. your driver’s license or passport. Your secondary ID must have your name exactly matching the name shown on your Primary ID.

    Valid Forms of Secondary ID Include: Credit card (with or without a photo), Library Card, Student ID Card, or Utility bill with the tester’s name and address written exactly the same as on the Primary for of ID.

    Exam Scores: Your preliminary score will be available by printout as soon as you complete the exam and your official report will arrive at your home address in about two weeks from MAT. During the registration process, you will select up to three institutions that you would like to receive your official score report. If you do not select any institutions or if you would like to send your score report to additional locations after the day of the exam, you can contact MAT directly and pay a fee to have additional reports mailed.

    Test Prep: Practice tests and Candidate Information Booklets are available at www.milleranalogies.com

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