Math Scholarships

Please note:  All scholarships are available only to traditional students in traditional programs unless otherwise specified.

Questions about Math scholarships? Contact the SNU Mathematics Department at (405) 491-6364.

  • Established by the former students, friends, and family of Dr. Earl Greer
  • Provides annual funds to underwrite the Greer Mathematics Tutorial Program
  • Applicants must be upper-division math majors who are employed as afternoon and/or evening tutors to aid students needing assistance in math-related courses
  • Amount varies
  • Funded through supplemental earnings from the Earl Greer Memorial Endowment
  • Provides a limited number of awards to math majors
  • Amount – $1,500
  • Established and funded by E. Kaye Schmidt Jones
  • Restricted to upper-division students – no Freshman eligible
  • Available for students completing a degree in Mathematics or Computer Science in Network Engineering
  • Verifiable financial need
  • Amount varies
  • Established and funded by friends and former students of Prof. Gary Lance
  • Restricted to full-time Freshman or Sophomores
  • Must be students of promise and/or with a verifiable financial need
  • Pursuing a degree in Mathematics
  • Amount varies
  • Established and funded by Robert L. Parker
  • Provides a $2,500 annual award for two years beginning  the junior year to a science or math major that exemplifies SNU’s motto of “Character-Culture-Christ”
  • Funded through earnings from the SNU Science Heritage Endowment
  • Provides scholarships to math majors
  • Amount varies
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