Outside Scholarships for Returning Students

Outside Scholarships for Returning Students

What are Outside Scholarships and Grants?

Outside scholarships and grants are awards given by people, organizations, and companies to individual students to assist them with their college education. Scholarship and grant qualifications are set by the provider and can be quite specific, such as students with dependents, students with a certain college major, female students, students from Hispanic families, students who have served in the military, etc.

Please note:  All scholarships are available only to traditional students in traditional programs unless otherwise specified.

General Information

This site does not provide an exhaustive list. Contact the Admissions Office (405) 491-6332 or a Financial Assistance counselor listed below to discuss your scholarship needs and eligibility.  

Contact Financial Aid

Perry Diehm 
Director of Professional & Graduate Studies Financial Aid 
Phone: 405-491-6335

Yvonne Mayes
Financial Aid Counselor 
Business Administration and Network Management    
Phone: 405-491-6668 | Fax: 405-717-6271

Connie Miller
Financial Aid Counselor 
Organizational Leadership and Family Studies
& Gerontology
Phone: 405-717-6204 | Fax: 405-717-6271

Jan Green 
Financial Aid Counselor 
Graduate Programs
Phone: 405-491-6685
Fax: 405-717-6271

Perry Diehm 
Tulsa Undergraduate Programs 
Phone: 405-491-6335 
Fax: 405-717-6271
Financial Aid Counselor Tulsa Programs

Professional Studies Students

FamilyAssets Scholarship
Who: Anyone either volunteering providing services to seniors or helping take care of an elderly relative at home who is enrolled in an accredited university in the United States
Amount: $3,000
Due: 08/01/2019

American Legion Auxiliary Non-traditional Student Scholarship
Adult students headed to college for the first time or returning to complete an interrupted education; requires American Legion membership for two previous years

Association for Non-traditional Students in Higher Education 
Who: Adult students pursuing a higher education
 Awards vary depending on course of study, academic achievement, and financial need. 

Denny’s Hungry for Education Scholarship

Who: College students who are lawfully authorized to work full time.
Amount: $1,000
Due: Spring

Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund
Who: Low-income women 35 years of age or older who are working to secure meaningful careers and break the cycle of poverty.
Amount: Awards vary based on financial need.

Mesothelioma Scholarship
Who: One student whose life has been impacted by cancer in any capacity
Amount: $4000

Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation
 Low-income women with dependent children
Amount: $2,000

Women’s Independence Scholarship Program
Who: Survivors of spousal abuse
Amount: Awards vary based on financial need

Wells Fargo Veteran Scholarship Program
Who: Veteran or spouse of a disabled veteran planning to enroll or already enrolled in the upcoming semester.
Amount: Varies depending on need
Due: VariesGraduate Students

American Association of University Women’s Career Development Grant
Who: Women returning to college to pursue an advanced degree
Amount: $2,000-$12,000

Association for Non-traditional Students in Higher Education
Who: Adult students pursuing their degrees in higher education
Amount: Amount varies depending on course of study, academic achievement, and financial need

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