Refunds and Withdrawals

Withdrawal from the University

If it appears necessary for a student to withdraw from school before the end of a semester, a withdrawal form must be completed. It is recommended that withdrawal be initiated through the Associate Vice President for Student Success, The withdrawal is not complete until the withdrawal form has been signed by all designated officials and financial arrangements have been made through the SNU Office of Financial Services, Any student receiving financial aid is required to meet with an appropriate official from the Office of Financial Services before completing withdrawal. A student will not be officially withdrawn nor will any refund of tuition be given unless withdrawal is made in the prescribed manner.

Refund Policies

To be eligible for any refund, a student must complete the appropriate withdrawal procedure (as outlined above).

If a student withdraws from school during the semester, tuition, room, and board will be refunded by the following SNU policy:

Tuition – Tuition charges are prorated over a 5 week period of each semester starting from the first day of classes. Refund proration (as outlined below) is only applicable during the first 5 week class period. All charges are upheld at 100% after the first 5 class weeks of each semester.

Fees – All fees, including the general fee and course fees, are not refundable unless a student fully withdraws from the university (or from a course) PRIOR to the start of the semester.

Room and Board – If a student has signed a housing contract and/or signed up for a meal plan, a 20% charge is automatically applied beginning on the first day that a student moves into their dorm room or meal service begins for the semester. Additional room & board refund proration begins after the first 14 class days (as outlined below).

Withdrawal From University Refund Proration

If a student completely withdraws within the:
first 10 Class Days – receive 100% Tuition / 80% Room & Board
11th-15th Class Days – receive 80% Tuition, Room & Board
16th-20th Class Days – receive 60% Tuition, Room & Board
21st-25th Class Days – receive 40% Tuition, Room & Board
26th-30th Class Days – receive 20% Tuition, Room & Board
31st day of class and beyond – no refund

Dropped Courses Refund Proration

A student drops a class within the:
first 10 Class Days – receive 100% Tuition
11th-15th Class Days – receive 80% Tuition
16th-20th Class Days – receive 60% Tuition
21st-24th Class Days – receive 40% Tuition
25th day of class and beyond – no refund

Additional Details Regarding Refunds & Withdrawals

+ If a recipient of financial assistance withdraws and is scheduled a refund, all or part of this refund will be used to reimburse the financial aid program from which the student received funds.

+ If a student wants to move off campus but stay in school, no Room & Board refund or proration is given based on the Contract Cancellation Rules stated in the housing contract.

These refund policies conform to the requirements of the Higher Education Act Amendments of 1992.

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