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Over 70% of Southern Nazarene University students receive institutional scholarships and grants every year.

We think of SNU as a community resource. We strive to keep our tuition as low as possible so that everyone can benefit from the curriculum and activities it embodies. Most importantly, we never deny a person the opportunity to become a part of the Southern Nazarene family. We work hard to make sure that our university is an affordable option for the education of a student’s lifetime.

Scholarship Awarding Policy

If all scholarships and grants (other than Pell) exceed actual charges (tuition, fees*, room and board**, and books), SNU ‘s institutional scholarships will be reduced to stay within actual charges.

If additional financial aid is received or living arrangements change, an adjustment will be made to your award package. These awards are based on full time enrollment and satisfactory academic progress.

*Fees will be covered including general, health and course fees with the exception of the health insurance, class trip fees and travel fees.

**No institutional funds will be refunded to off campus students. Students will be allowed outside funds (including Pell) to cover the equivalent of double occupancy dorm room and 15 meal plan.

Academic scholarships for 2019-20 have been updated.  Please contact an Admissions Counselor (405) 491-6324 or a Financial Assistance Counselor (405) 491-6310 for specifics.

Academic scholarships are based on a student’s ACT/SAT score and final high school GPA.  Please have this information, or an estimate of this information, available at the time of your phone call.  Thank you.

Please note:  All scholarships are available only to full-time students in traditional programs unless otherwise specified.

Scholarships available to traditional students in traditional programs unless otherwise specified.

Aller, Dr. Florence (Snowbarger) Memorial Social & Behavioral Sciences – MSCP

  • Established and funded by Dr. Wayne Aller
  • Provides awards for students in the MA in Marriage & Family Program or MS in Counseling Psychology
  • Amount varies

Gilbert, Marc & Lelia Memorial Business – MBA

  • Established through the Marc Gilbert Charitable Gift Annuity Remainder to SNU
  • Graduate level students – 1st Preference for students in the MBA Graduate Program at SNU
  • Verifiable financial need
  • Amount varies

Macrory, Rev. H.B. Memorial – Religion

  • Established by the Dr. Harry B. & Juanita Macrory
  • Provides aid for Graduate-level students in the SNU School of Theology & Ministry
  • Preference for students preparing for full-time Christian ministry
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA required
  • Verifiable financial need
  • Amount varies

Moreland, Chap. Charles & Marilyn – MAEL

  • Established and funded by Chap. Charles E. & Marilyn Page Moreland
  • Restricted to candidates employed by “public” educational institutions
  • Must be accepted in the MAEL Program at SNU
  • Amount varies

Perdue, Delores Trimble Memorial – MAEL

  • Established and funded by the Dr. Harry B. & Juanita Macrory
  • Must be accepted in the MAEL Program at SNU
  • Candidates must be actively teaching in elementary or middle school
  • Candidates must be teaching in the greater OKC area
  • Verifiable financial need
  • Amount varies

Rushing, O.C. & Myrtle Memorial Scholarship

  • Established and funded by Oliver C. & Clars Rushing, son-in-law & daughter
  • Restricted for students preparing for, or in, active ministry
  • Amount varies

Swaziland Nazarene Bible College Fund – Religion

  • Restricted to entering Graduate-level students from the Swaziland Bible College
  • Amount varies

What are Outside Scholarships and Grants?

Outside scholarships and grants are awards given by people, organizations, and companies to individual students to assist them with their college education. Scholarship and grant qualifications are set by the provider and can be quite specific, such as students from a particular high school, students with a certain college major, female students, students from Hispanic families, students who are freshmen, etc.

 Some scholarships and grants are available for continuing students, and to assist with specific educational activities such as undergraduate research. 

Are you currently an SNU Student? Go to Outside Scholarships for Current Students to see scholarships available for currently-enrolled students (requires SNU Google log-in).

View a list of external scholarship opportunities for our top seven states.

How can these help me?

Outside scholarships go towards covering your total cost of attendance at SNU.  Seeking and receiving an outside scholarship award can help to reduce your college costs at SNU. 

While many awards are directed for first-time freshmen, others are focused on continuing students (sophomore, junior, senior students).  

If you are planning to do undergraduate research or study abroad, you can apply for awards that may assist you with the associated costs. If you are planning to apply to graduate or professional school, there are awards specifically designated for this purpose.  

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