SNU Grads and Dads: A Family Tradition

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Jeff Crouch and Tommy Davis are not only proud graduates of Southern Nazarene University (SNU). These alums are also the proud fathers of SNU graduates. Both Jeff and Tommy have multiple children who have graduated from their alma mater, carrying on the family tradition. 

Jeff Crouch, Class of 1991

Jeffery Crouch HeadShot2 A Nazarene pastor’s kid from Custer City, Oklahoma, Jeff Crouch says that he has always planned to attend SNU. He met his wife, Cheryl, here during his freshman year of college, and the two married the summer before their senior year. Early in their marriage, Jeff and Cheryl spent two years working at an international boarding school in Papua New Guinea, caring for children of Nazarene missionaries. 

Upon returning to the United States and making their home in Denton, Texas, Jeff used his college degree to begin a 22-year Information Technology (IT) career at Texas Healthcare Foundation. “In the late 80’s and early 90’s computers were cutting edge technology and I was excited to study that technology,” he explained regarding studying IT in college. 

Jeff cites smaller classes and hands-on experiences as setting SNU apart. “Being at a smaller school allowed me to get to know my professors and alumni and offered unique opportunities,” he says. “Because I had hands on experience and knowledge of computers coupled with strong inter-personal relationships, I was set up to succeed in my industry.” Today Jeff is the IT Director for Denton Calvary Academy, a university model K-12 school.

Jeff’s journey to SNU is part of a family tradition. His parents both attended SNU when it was known as Bethany Nazarene College. Wanting to attend a Christian university, he decided to follow in their footsteps. His experience at SNU gave him more than just an education. “SNU’s motto character, culture, Christ instilled in me truth that helped me excel in the business world and life,” he explains. 

The family tradition of attending SNU has continued with Jeff and Cheryl’s four children. Their son, Byron, graduated from SNU in 2017, followed by his brother, Bradley, in 2019. Their daughter, Brookelyn, graduated from SNU in 2020, and their youngest daughter, Bethany, is currently attending SNU as a junior. 

Jeff and Cheryl Crouch with Their Family

Family is extremely important to Jeff and Cheryl, who also have a son-in-law, two daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren. “Life is good with grandkids,” says the proud father and grandfather. With three generations paving the way, it’s certainly a possibility that more SNU graduates are in the Crouch family’s future. 

Tommy Davis, Class of 1963

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Tommy Davis (pictured with his wife, Marilyn) was raised in the Church of the Nazarene, and had always planned to attend Bethany Nazarene College, as SNU was known at the time. He had two sisters who had attended, and liking the fact that it was a Christian, Nazarene university, Tommy decided to attend as well. 

Starting at Bethany Nazarene College in 1958, he accepted the call to preach at the end of his freshman year in 1959. Tommy pursued his bachelor’s degree in religion with a theology major and a speech minor. “It was a fit for pastoral ministry,” he explains. Tommy had a 52-year long career in pastoral ministry before retiring in 2014. 

Attending SNU is a family tradition for the Davis family as well. Tommy’s two sons, Dan Davis (pictured below left) and Steve Davis (pictured below right), are also SNU alumni.

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In June, in honor of Father’s Day, SNU is proud to celebrate all of the Dads of SNU!

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