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Test-Optional for Fall 2022

Continuing in effect for students applying for Fall 2022 through the Spring 2023 semester, submitting scores from the ACT or SAT is optional for admission to SNU.

Test-optional does allow for prospective students to submit their scores to SNU for consideration, but test scores are not required for application. If a student chooses to apply test-optional, high school GPA and class rank (as reported on a student’s most current transcript) will be the primary criteria for determining academic preparedness for SNU.  If high school class rank is not available other measures are taken to ensure equity in placement.

“An ACT or SAT score rarely reveals the entirety of a student’s potential. SNU’s test-optional policy allows for other aspects of a student’s academic performance to be considered as predictors for success in college,” said Dr. Steve Betts, Vice President of Academic Affairs for the College of Undergraduate Studies.

Without a test score, a student may be considered for an upper-level academic awards with a minimum GPA equal to or greater than 3.80 or an overall class rank in the top 5%.  Students below these minimums may be accepted to the University but will be required to submit a test score for top academic award consideration. The highest academic scholarships are only awarded with the submission of a test.  Students who choose to apply as test-optional may increase their eligibility for scholarship awards by choosing to submit a test score.  Students with a 6-semester transcript GPA of 3.0 or lower may be asked to submit an ACT or SAT score or other requirement for admission consideration.

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