Work Study Programs

The Federal Work Study Program provides students with an opportunity to work in order to help meet their educational expenses. Eligibility is determined by the Student Aid Report. On- and off-campus employment includes clerical, library, reading tutors, maintenance, cleaning, and recreational services.

What is the difference between Federal Work Study and regular on-campus employment?
Work study is a federal program that provides funds to the school for the student’s employment. A student may be employed on the campus even though he or she has not been awarded work study.

How is eligibility for Work Study determined?
First priority for federal work study is given to students who have the highest need according to the federal calculation. Because funds are limited, students who apply early will be considered first for work study funds.

Am I guaranteed a job if I have been awarded Work Study?
No, it is the responsibility of the student to secure a job. The Work Study award is not a guarantee of employment.

How do I find out about available on-campus jobs?
All on campus positions are posted on under the employment tab.  You will apply for the position through the link provided on the job description.

There are typically not an abundance of on-campus jobs posted during the summer because many staff and faculty are busy with their summer plans and are not thinking about what student employment needs they will have for next year. Jobs typically get posted as the school year gets closer.  Employers usually wait to list their opening until one week before school starts.

If you still have not found employment or have any more questions, please contact Michelle Mullens, the Director of Career Education at, or give her a call at 405-717-6226.
Can I apply my work study wages directly to my school bill?
Yes, in order to do so, please ask either the payroll office or the cashier for a “payroll deduct” form.

What happens to the work study award on my financial aid award letter if I don’t work on campus?
The work study award will be removed from your financial aid award letter.

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