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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education

At SNU you will be prepared for a lifetime of coaching others through mathematical problem solving because of our unique approach to your learning. In addition to a standard range of mathematics courses, you will take three one-hour capstone courses designed to develop a strong set of mathematical skills that are anything but standard. In Junior Colloquium, you will learn to read, report and orally present on math books and journal articles. An experience that will develop your understanding of math skills as well as sharpen your ability to communicate the math you have read. Senior Seminar is a semester-long comprehensive problem solving “exam” where you will face all the math you have studied during your 4 years at SNU. While solving a large set of math problems, you will recall, review and integrate concepts and problem-solving techniques from all of your university-level mathematics courses. The final capstone course, Senior Research in Math, involves a  one-on-one research project directed by one of the math faculty. You will be guided on your first real journey of creating “new” mathematics.

  • Accredited by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Small class sizes and individual attention from professors
  • Math teaching methods courses taught by award-winning secondary math teachers

When you graduate with your degree in mathematics education from SNU, you’ll have the preparation you need for a successful career as a mathematics teacher in middle school or high school.  If you choose to teach in Oklahoma, you may be eligible for loan forgiveness.

  • Research interests in abstract algebra, combinatorics, linear algebra, and game theory
  • Faculty research mentors in the SNU Summer Research Experience
  • Include a professor who served as chair of an invited lecture committee for the Oklahoma-Arkansas Section of the Mathematical Association of America
  • Include a professor who was selected as a Mathematical Association of America Project NExT Fellow

SNU offers you the opportunity to study with credentialed faculty as you journey toward graduation, another step closer to reaching your goals. These scholars with a Christian worldview will mentor and guide you along the way.  SNU’s smaller size allows students to interact with faculty — not only in the classroom, but also through impactful mentoring, personal advising, and meaningful research. Come and be known; come and belong.

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