The ACCUPLACER placement exam assists SNU in placing you in the college-level courses best suited for you.

All students admitted to SNU without an ACT or SAT score or with a score older than 3 years must take the ACCUPLACER exam. SNU uses Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, and three Math sections of the ACCUPLACER to place students in the appropriate Composition and/or Math course(s) for their major.  Students with majors that do not require Math are exempt from taking the Math portion of the assessment.  Students admitted to SNU with an ACT or SAT score and who would like an opportunity to raise their course placement level may opt into the Accuplacer (see the Placement and Course Recommendations for English and Math link below).

TWO ways to take the ACCUPLACER:

ONE: At the SNU Testing Center

  • Choose a testing date provided
  • Bring a valid, unexpired ID. Acceptable ID’s must be original, current IDs issued by a city/state/federal government agency.
  • Confirmed students will not be charged a fee.

TWO: At an ACCUPLACER approved Testing Center near you

  • Schedule an appointment with an ACCUPLACER-approved testing center.
  • All fees associated with using another testing center are the responsibility of the student. Prices will vary by location.
  • When registering for your assessment, choose Southern Nazarene University as a recipient of your Individual Score Report.
    Site #015020-001


Testing dates listed below are available to new students who are confirmed for the upcoming semester at SNU. The assessment must be completed prior to academic advising, which will occur at Priority Enrollment. Students should select a date that corresponds with their desired Priority Enrollment date.

Tests are offered at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm on each testing date.

April 12

April 26

May 3

June 20

August 15 & 16 (10 a.m. or 2 p.m.)


Students who wish to request an Accuplacer retake should send a written petition to


If you would like to request testing accommodations, please email the Center for Student Success. Official documentation is required.


What if I already have an ACT, SAT or Accuplacer score and it needs to be submitted to SNU? What do I do?

Send your test score to

What if I have taken Comp I and/or Comp II or Algebra (or another Math course) concurrently while I have been in high school?

You are likely exempt from the Accuplacer. However, please email with that information and send (even an unofficial screenshot of) your college transcript so that we can confirm if you are exempt.

What if my Accuplacer test score shows that I don’t need COMP I? Do I get credit for that class?

No. You will only receive credit for the course if you take the CLEP exam. The scores required for credit are listed on this document. If your Accuplacer score indicates that you do not need to be in COMP I, you will be placed in COMP II and have the option to take Academic Writing or another acceptable course for credit to fulfill this requirement.

I didn’t think I needed a Math class for my major. Why am I testing for Math?

If your major does not require Math courses, you will not need to take the Math portion of the exam. For a full list of majors that do require Math, check out this list.

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