Commons & Conference Services

Completed in the fall semester of 1988, this most-used of all campus buildings has been acclaimed as the most functional and beautiful student center in the state of Oklahoma. It houses the Student Development offices, Career Center, Student Government Association offices, Arrow/Echo publication labs, conference and game room, the campus bookstore, the office of the Director of Spiritual Development, Conference Coordinator’s office, special meeting rooms, and the dining hall. The Commons, as the hub and pride of the campus, is one of the crowning achievements of Dr. Ponder Gilliland’s four-year administration. Recent remodeling was accomplished due to the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Webster of Arkansas.

  • Commons One-stop Mail Service

    Basic U.S. Postal Services available

    • Postage Stamps for sale—singles or books
    • Mailing Supplies—envelopes, padded mailers, etc.
    • Mail your small packages or letters from the Commons!
    • Commons and campus receives all mail from all couriers!
      • FedEx
      • UPS
      • All others

    Student Mail Address

    First & Last Name
    SNU Box XXXX
    6612 NW 42nd Street
    Bethany, OK 73008

    **This address is the Webster Commons where the student mail is processed.

    Please send all student mail to this address.  Students should use this address for all personal mail, magazines or when ordering items.

    Student Mail Boxes

    • Each student living on campus is assigned a mailbox #.
    • Commuters may also request a mailbox #.
    • Each student retains the same box # throughout his/her academic career.

    Package Pick Up

    • All student mail is checked in to the Commons Office for pickup.
    • Students are notified through their SNU email when they have packages or mail to pickup.
    • Student ID’s are required when picking up items.
    • The only type of mail we do not check in are pre-sorted standard pieces such as coupons, non-profit, or solicitation type pieces.

    Contact Information Updates

    • Should a change of address, phone number, or other contact information occur during the year, the Commons Office can receive your new information.  This includes changes that may apply to your legal home permanent address.
    • The Commons can receive and forward this new information to all offices on campus.
    • For name changes, please take a certified copy of the marriage license or other official documents to the Registrar’s Office.

    Release of Information and Emergency Contact Information

    Please remember to update this important information each year and as changes occur in who may access your personal, academic and financial information.

    Other Commons Office Services

    • Document Notary – $2.50/5 documents
    • Please call for an appointment
  • Conference Services

    ATM Machine

    One ATM machine is located on campus in the Webster Commons Building Lobby at 6612 NW 42nd Street. The nearest local bank is Bethany Bank, located on the southeast corner of Northwest 39th Expressway and Peniel. Or at Tinker Credit Union across from campus on the corner of NW 39th and Asbury.

    Campus Parking

    Guests may park in any campus parking lot. No decal or special sign is required to be displayed on or in your vehicle. Please do not park in marked loading zones or curbs painted with yellow or red paint. If you are displaying a handicap sign, you may park in any of the handicap designated parking slots. Should you receive a campus parking ticket, please bring it to the Webster Commons Information Desk and tell the receptionist that you are a guest. We will be glad to take care of it for you.

    Should all on-campus parking be filled, you may park west of campus in the west parking lot of Bethany First Church of the Nazarene or along the north side of Northwest 39th Expressway. As a courtesy to Bethany businesses, we ask that campus guests do not park on the south business side of Northwest 39th Expressway.

    Vendor Setup & Unloading

    No parking is permitted in any of the fire lanes or loading docks. Vehicles will be towed. You may pull up to the Bookstore dock or Commons turn around, drop your items and move your vehicle. Press the buzzer and an assistant will open the back dock door for you.  You may also call the Commons Office at 405.491.6321.

    There is a handicap access ramp just off the front of the building and the turn around.

    Wireless Guest Passes

    If you are a registered participant with a conference group, we can issue a wireless guest pass.  Please check at the Webster Commons Information Desk.


    Personal or event copies can be obtained at the Webster Commons Information Desk for 10 cents per copy.

    Dining Opportunities

    The 405
    Located on the lower level on the Commons serving hot grill sandwiches, breakfast and other menu items as well as a variety of salads, pastries and cold sandwiches, teas and other drinks. The 405 accepts cash or credit cards.

    SNU Campus Dining
    Located on the upper level of the Commons, campus dining offers a wide variety of hot foods, full salad and soup bar, fresh fruits and vegetables, desserts and drinks.  Campus dining accepts cash or credit cards for your convenience.

    Located on the ground floor of the Library.

    Please feel free to call the Webster Commons Information Desk for any need or question you might have, 405.491.6321.

    For non-emergency situations, please call campus dispatch at 405.491.6309.

    For emergency situations, please dial 911 and give your exact location on campus or dial the Bethany Police Department at 405.789.2323.  If you are calling from an out of area cell phone, please use the Bethany Police Department number so that authorities can locate you accurately.  Again, be sure to inform the police of your location.

    Smoke and Substance Free Campus
    Guests and conference participants may not smoke or use alcoholic beverages or other legally prohibited substances anywhere on the campus and grounds of Southern Nazarene University. To do so will constitute a breach of contract and will be grounds for dismissal from the premises.

    Most buildings have one public telephone on each floor, located in the hallways. Outside lines can be accessed by dialing “9” or using toll-free phone card numbers. Two public phones are located in the main level lobby of the Webster Commons and one on the lower level.  If you need further assistance, please come to the Commons Information Desk.

    University Bookstore
    The University Bookstore offers a variety of SNU logo clothing, basic office supplies, as well as cold drinks, chips and candy.

    Regular hours:       9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday  |  10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., Saturday
    Summer hours:       9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday

  • Guest Housing

    For detailed information, complete with photos, as well as a reservation request, click here.

  • Area Lodging

    For information on off-campus housing options, click here.

  • Conference Facilities

    Most Commonly Used Conference Facilities:

    – A.M. Hills Residential Complex
    – Asbury Apartments
    – Beaver Science Building
    – Bracken Hall
    – Broadhurst Gymnasium & Classrooms
    – Cantrell Guest House
    – Cantrell Performance Hall
    – Chapman Apartments
    – Fine Arts Center
    – Herrick Auditorium & Classrooms
    – Imel Townhouses
    – Ludwig Religion Building
    – Marchant Alumni & Welcome Center
    – Peniel Avenue Guest Suites
    – Royce Brown Building
    – R.T. Williams Library
    – Sawyer Center (Gymnasium & Conference Rooms) + Additional Athletic Facilities
    – Snowbarger Hall
    – Webster Commons

  • Herrick Auditorium Rental

    Scheduling and Use Guidelines for Off-Campus Groups/Organizations

    Scheduling of Herrick by off-campus groups/organizations requires administrative review and approval before reservations can be confirmed. Herrick Auditorium is scheduled through the Scheduling Coordinator in Webster Commons (phone: 405-717-6321). The Scheduling Coordinator works closely with the Auditorium Manager in the Office of Spiritual Life to ensure our guests are accommodated to the best of our ability.

    Scheduling Procedure:

    1. Tentative reservations for Herrick Auditorium may be made by phone, email or in person.
    2. To authorize and confirm a reservation, the Office of Spiritual Development must receive a signed Statement of Release (page 3 of this document) and a completed reservation form.
    3. Reservation requests are reviewed and approved or declined by SNU personnel responsible for oversight of Herrick Auditorium operations. Our policy is to allow groups to use Herrick Auditorium whose event reflects the mission of SNU and adheres to our governing policies (i.e., non-profit concerts, Christian worship events, educational enrichment, employee development, etc.) Even if an organization has used the facility previously, we reserve the right to decline requests on a case-by-case basis. The Auditorium Scheduling Coordinator will notify the organization’s representative to confirm or decline the reservation in a timely manner to allow for exploration of an alternative venue.
    4. Any requested changes to reservations or needs must be made no later than one week prior to the event to ensure availability and coordination of staff and equipment.
    5. Costs vary depending on the nature of the group and it’s connection to SNU.
    6. SNU staff will be allowed to operate Herrick equipment. Additionally, an SNU technician must be present at all times when any representative from the organization is occupying Herrick Auditorium.
    7. As part of the auditorium reservation, the organization agrees to pay for an SNU technician at a rate of $17 per hour per technician. Technician hours may include but are not limited to:
      • auditorium preparation
      • equipment preparation
      • telephone conferencing
      • set-up/tear-down
      • actual event time
    8.  Technician time will be tabulated upon completion of the event. The organization’s contact person or other designee will be asked to sign a time sheet, confirming the time to be charged.
    9.  ALL access to the building will be arranged through Campus Security and the Auditorium Manager by the Herrick Scheduling Coordinator.
    10. The stage and other areas used are to be cleared and reset immediately following completion of the event.
    11. The contact person or designee must check out through the Herrick Auditorium Manager or designee in order to verify proper reset of the Auditorium and adjoining facilities.
    12. Failure to properly clean the stage, dressing rooms, backstage hallway, and any other area used by permission during a production or program will result in a $50 maintenance fee (or greater if the cost of clean up exceeds this amount). The maintenance fee will be charged and any remaining materials/equipment will be disposed of after the clean-up date and time specified in the reservation form.

    Use Guidelines

    Herrick Auditorium is used for more diverse purposes than any other facility on campus. In order to efficiently facilitate its widespread use by different on-campus and off-campus groups, and to assist in maintaining the auditorium, please observe the following guidelines:

    Policy on Alcohol & Smoking—Smoke-free campus

    There is a non-smoking policy for the buildings and campus at Southern Nazarene University. The use of alcohol is also prohibited. Only bottled water is allowed in the Auditorium. Limited food service is permitted in the lobby area. Should you desire food service for your event, please contact our SNU Catering Manager, Sonya Kliewer, at 405-491-6646. No outside food vendors are permitted.




    Sets on the Herrick stage should be constructed in such a way that set pieces are not nailed directly into the stage floor or attached to the walls. For example, flats should be supported by wooden braces with cinder blocks or sandbag weights. Nailing or stapling set pieces into the side walls of the stage area is prohibited.

    Restrictions on Decorating

    • No decorating in the mezzanine area
    • No tape or adhesive on sidewalls, windows or wooden doors

    Prop storage

    During use of Herrick, if applicable, props can be stored along the backstage wall behind the black curtain.

     In order to meet fire code regulations, props are to be kept off the steps or landings of the two backstage entrances/exits. 

    Three 6-foot tables are available to place along the backstage wall for holding props during a performance. Contact the Herrick Scheduling Coordinator for access to these tables. DO NOT REMOVE TABLES FROM HERRICK CLASSROOMS.

     NOTE: Furniture, plants, equipment, decorations, etc. should not be moved under any circumstances


    The burgundy waterfall curtain is operated by the selected SNU sound/light technician. The black side and rear curtains may be adjusted manually – and may be tied back if not needed.

     Do not pin, tape, staple, or glue anything to the burgundy curtain. It is made of a lightweight fabric that requires special care in order for it to drape and fold properly as it is moved up and down.

    Dressing rooms and backstage waiting areas

    Dressing rooms for both men and women are available on second floor behind the stage. The men’s dressing room is entered through a door inside the men’s restroom and the women’s dressing room is entered through a door inside the women’s restroom. Chairs are available at the makeup counters in both dressing rooms. The dressing room chairs may be moved to the hallway area behind the stage and used as a waiting area.


    All lighting in the Herrick Auditorium is set specifically for the usage of Southern Nazarene University. The lighting set up will not be changed for any event. If you do not like the lighting set up you will need to bring in our own lighting system. The contractor must be able to provide Southern Nazarene University with the proper insurance forms listed in the next section under Insurance Requirements.

    Smoke machines are not allowed to be used in this facility.
    Thank you for your help in keeping Herrick an attractive facility!

    Insurance Requirements

    1. Workers’ Compensation Insurance A third party utilizing facilities at Southern Nazarene University must provide a certificate of Workers’ Compensation insurance in accordance with the statutory requirements of the State of Oklahoma, including Employer’s Liability.
      Any independent subcontractors performing work on behalf of the third party or Southern Nazarene University must also provide a certificate, with the same provisions.
    2. Commercial General Liability
      A third party utilizing facilities at Southern Nazarene University must maintain insurance protecting it from claims for damages for bodily injury, death and property damage. The third party must provide a certificate of insurance with an occurrence limit of no less than $1,000,000.
      Any independent subcontractors performing work on behalf of the third party or Southern Nazarene University must also provide a certificate, with the same provisions.
  • Directions to Campus

    The Southern Nazarene University main campus is located at 6729 NW 39th Expressway, Bethany, OK 73008, on the western edge of Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City is at the crossroads of three interstate highways (I-40, I-44, and I-35) and is served by several national and regional airlines. SNU also maintains a campus center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Directions to the SNU Bethany campus using Google Maps

    Directions to the SNU Tulsa campus using Google Maps

    Directions to the Bethany campus

    From the North

    1. Traveling SOUTH on I-35 (Portions toll), proceed to OK-66.
    2. Merge onto OK-66 (exit 133, also marked I-44) and head WEST toward Lawton/Amarillo. OK-66 (I-44) will run straight into NW 39th Expressway (exit Bethany, Warr Acres).
    3. Proceed WEST down NW 39th Expressway until Peniel. The campus will be on your right.

    From the South

    1. Traveling NORTH on I-35, proceed to I-240.
    2. Exit at I-240 (exit 121B, also marked OK-3 or US-62 W).
    3. Merge onto I-240 and travel WEST then NORTH (I-240 becomes I-44)13.2 miles to OK-66.
    4. Exit OK-66 W (exit 123B) and travel WEST toward Warr Acres/Bethany.
    5. Proceed WEST down NW 39th Expressway until Peniel. SNU will be on your right.

    From the West

    1. Traveling EAST on I-40, proceed to N. Rockwell Ave.
    2. Exit right at N. Rockwell Ave. (exit 143) and proceed NORTH to NW 39th Expressway.
    3. Turn right at the light at NW 39th Expressway and head EAST 0.5 miles to Peniel. The campus will be on your left.

    From the East

    1. Traveling WEST on I-40, proceed towards Oklahoma City.
    2. Go through Oklahoma City and 2 miles past I-44.
    3. Exit right at N. MacArthur Ave. (exit 144) and travel NORTH to NW 39th Expressway.
    4. Turn left (WEST) at the light at NW 39th Expressway and head WEST 0.5 miles to Peniel. The campus will be on your right.

    From Will Rogers World Airport

    (Est. time: 20 minutes / Est. distance: 13.67 miles)

    1. Travel NORTH on Terminal Rd (which will become S. Meridian Ave.).
    2. Continue NORTH on Meridian (you will travel under I-40) until you reach NW 39th Expressway.
    3. At NW 39th Expressway, turn left and travel WEST approximately 1.5 miles towards Bethany/Warr Acres until Peniel. The campus will be on your right.

    From Downtown Oklahoma City

    (Est. time: 18 minutes / Est. distance: 11.17 miles)

    1. Traveling WEST on I-40, proceed towards Oklahoma City.
    2. Go through Oklahoma City and 2 miles past I-44.
    3. Exit right at N. MacArthur Ave. (exit 144) and travel NORTH to NW 39th Expressway.
    4. Turn left (WEST) at the light at NW 39th Expressway and head WEST 0.5 miles to Peniel. The campus will be on your right.

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