Desk and living area inside Chapman Apartments

Chapman Apartments

Chapman is an apartment-style building for upperclassmen males and females made up of 3 floors and 106 student beds. This residence area houses some of our upperclassmen students. Chapman apartments have a courtyard with a gazebo and common outdoor area where the community can come together to make life-long memories. 

Like all resident areas, Chapman has a wonderful Residence Life staff. The staff includes five young women who are selected as Resident Advisors. The RA’s do a great job providing comfortable living conditions, building relationships among residents, and providing spiritual guidance. This unique area offers a wonderful opportunity to live in community while fostering independence in preparation for life after college.

NOTE: Apartments come with beds, refrigerators, and stoves. All other furnishings are provided by the student.

Your apartment has been cleaned and is presented to you in a standard condition. To be properly cleared at the time you vacate the apartment/room, it must be vacated in the same standard condition in which you have found it.

Apartment Customization Details

When customizing your apartment, please observe the following requirements:

University Owned Furnishings

· may not be removed from the apartment


· non-adhesive paper may be used inside kitchen cabinets
· holes (i.e. nails) are not to be made anywhere – pins may be used
· nothing should be permanently anchored
· adhesives that leave residue or cause damage are prohibited
· contact paper, wallpaper, or cork is prohibited
· dartboards are prohibited


· mini blinds are not to be removed
· curtains may not be attached


· constructed material may not be used to decorate unless such material can be freestanding & not anchored in any way
· painting is prohibited
· changes or adaptations of electrical outlets or lighting fixtures are prohibited
· power strips with a circuit breaker are permitted — extension cords are prohibited
· exterior antennas are prohibited
· adaptation of cable television outlets, internet hookups is prohibited
· adaptation of phone outlets is prohibited


· hot plates, toaster ovens, & major appliances are prohibited (by restriction of Bethany Fire Department, City code)
· microwaves are permitted


· are permitted

Musical Instruments

· electronic pianos, horns, drums, etc. may not be played in the apartment


· possession of candles, incense, matches, lighters etc. is prohibited (by restriction of Bethany Fire Department, City code)

Heating Units

· of any kind are prohibited (by restriction of Bethany Fire Department, City code)

Mattress Covers

· are required on University owned mattresses

All rooms are subject to periodic inspections by University personnel. Students are expected to keep their rooms orderly & reasonably clean. Rooms vacated in a non-standard condition will be charged against syour room deposit per occupant, plus the cost of returning the room to standard condition.

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