The only equestrian program at a private, Christian institution west of the Mississippi River:

SNU Equestrian

Southern Nazarene University’s Equestrian Center is committed to furthering the education of men and women looking for excellence in academics while being a part of an equestrian team. SNU features a unique, personalized equestrian atmosphere. The SNU equestrian team competes at local and regional IHSA events. The small, close-knit team allows all of our riders the opportunity to ride recreationally or to compete and excel in a Christ-centered environment with a program focused on developing riding skills, building character and confidence. 

Under the supervision of Coach Debby Letham, the Equestrian Center employs students to carry out day-to-day operations and maintenance of the facilities. Employment opportunities at the center provide students an environment to learn firsthand the practical aspects of facility management and horse care.

More Details About the Program

  • Facilities & Personnel

    The SNU Equestrian Center is located approximately one mile west of the main campus in Bethany, Oklahoma on 116 acres of pasture and woodland. The barn is outfitted with six stalls, a classroom, and a tack room, with two round pens outside along with an arena for more in-depth training.

    saddles in the barn
  • Horses

    Diversity The SNU Equestrian Center provides students with the opportunity to work hands-on with a variety of skillfully trained horses. Our horses have experience in a wide variety of both English and Western disciplines such as Cutting, Working Cow Horse, Western Pleasure, Roping, Hunter/Jumper, and Halter. The SNU stock comes from diverse backgrounds and a variety of breeds, including Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Paints, Arabians and, Miniatures.

    We believe that offering students a diverse population of horses to choose from makes it possible for them to find a mount that best supports their individual equestrian goals and interests.

    All horses at the SNU Equestrian Center have either been generously donated to our program or bred here at the ranch as a result of our onsite reproduction program. We are greatly appreciative of the generosity of the many ranches and horse owners that have contributed to our program. It is their commitment that makes it all possible.

  • Sponsors & Affiliates

    SNU Equestrian Center Sponsors

    Bert Falkner Family
    Bethany Country Store
    Black Rock Ranch
    Bob Mallam Family
    Curley Terry
    Darrell Bilke Enterprises
    David Creel
    David & Debra Weir
    David McBride
    Debbie Walley
    Doug Eaton
    Doyle Martin
    Dr. Michael Reese
    Dr. Steve & Karen Drabek
    DWS Inc.
    Express Ranches
    Herman Kennard
    Harman Appaloosas
    Julie Hall
    John & Alice Humphreys
    Joe & Brenda Cobb
    Joe Fuzzell
    Loren Ashley
    Lynn Hickey Farms
    Mike & Sheila Ingram
    OA Garr
    Paul Todd
    Randy Saunders
    Ray Nance
    Rick Veal Family
    Riley & Rachael Ring
    Robert Reed
    Ron M. White
    Russel Maples
    Santos Diaz
    Sheila Reese
    Steve Bailey
    Steve Lindquist
    SSS Fence Company
    Tammy Kephart
    Terry Weins
    Tom Farrell
  • Policies & Expectations

Questions? Email us, equestrian@snu.edu

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