Hall of Witnesses

Hall of Witnesses

A place of honor on the campus of Southern Nazarene University

…to recognize those elders and laity who have invested their lives to Christian service.

…to build endowed resources for educating and supporting future generations of Christian servants.

We invite churches, family members, colleagues and boards to partner with Southern Nazarene University in establishing a place of honor for the great cloud of witnesses, living or deceased, who have carried the light of the Gospel around the world. The names of those honored will be placed in The Hall of Witnesses, located in the S.T. Ludwig Religion building on the campus of Southern Nazarene University. These gifts of honor will support the endowment funding ministerial intern scholarships.

  • Who may be honored

    Any individual or couple who has given of themselves in Christian service for a minimum of 10 years

    • Pastors
    • Associates
    • Missionaries
    • Chaplains
    • Evangelists
    • Lay leaders
    • Christian educators
    • University leaders & employees
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    Honorees may be nominated by one, or more than one individual, groups of individuals, Church boards or other organizations, all of whom will receive recognition in the donor portion of The Hall of Witnesses.  Each nominee will have a short biography of their Christian service on the Touch Screen display.


    • Name on the Hall of Witnesses
    • Establishment of Named Endowed Ministerial Scholarship
    • Plaque of Remembrance to Donor
    • Certificate of Induction


    • Name on the Hall of Witnesses
    • Plaque of Remembrance to Donor
    • Certificate of Induction


    • Name on the Hall of Witnesses
    • Certificate of Induction
  • Nominations

    Nominations for the current Class of Inductees into the Hall of Witnesses are now being accepted.  You can print the brochure and mail it to the Office of University Relations address below or use our online nomination form.  For more information contact the office below.

    For more information contact:

    The Office of University Advancement, 6729 NW 39th Expressway, Bethany OK 73008
    Phone: 405.491.6311 | Email: vbell@snu.edu

  • Online Nomination Form

    Hall of Witnesses Online Nomination

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    If you are paying by check please mail to the Office of University Advancement address below. If you wish to pay using our online donation form.

    Total Nomination gift shall be paid in full prior to nominees receiving Induction Certificates or being added to the Hall of Witnesses.  Any amounts received below the $2,500 level will be considered gifts to SNU Ministerial Internship, but will not result in placement in the Hall of Witnesses

    For more information related to Hall of Witness or assistance with your nomination please contact:
    Office of University Advancement, 6729 NW 39th Expressway, Bethany OK 73008 | Phone: 405.491.6311 | Email: advancement@snu.edu

  • Past Recipients


    Rev. Dave & Mrs. Lois Alexander

    Dr. James R. Blankenship

    Dr. James L. Bond

    Dr. A. K. Bracken

    Rev. George Wilbur Brannon

    Dr. Bill E. & Mrs. Janice J. Burch

    Rev. Mary Lee Harris Cagle

    Rev. Harold Carlisle

    Rev. William E. Chandler

    Rev. Kenneth & Mrs. Beverly Christoffersen

    Miss Eunice Manita (Nita) Clegg

    Rev. Herman F. & Mrs. Murl C. Crews

    Rev. Nolan D. & Mrs. Velma Culbertson

    Dr. Joe Dimas

    Rev. George & Mrs. Lucille Dunnington

    Rev. Sanders & Mrs. Anne Lee Tate Evans

    Dr. Fred F. & Mrs. Octava Fike

    Dr. C. William & Mrs. Marjorie Fisher

    Dr. Delbert & Mrs. Carol Gish

    Rev. John Haines

    Rev. Harold C. Harcourt

    Rev. F. Irwin Harris

    Rev. John L. Harrison

    Rev. Floyd Vernon Hodges

    Dr. Raymond W. Hurn

    Dr. J. Lewis Ingle

    Dr. Orville W. Jenkins

    Rev. Bob Huffaker

    Rev. Bill R. Johnson

    Dr. W. Talmadge & Mrs. Genell Johnson

    Rev. Frank & Mrs. Gloria E. Kelley

    Rev. Joseph L. Killgore

    Dr. John A. Knight

    Dr. John L. Knight

    Rev. Sidney & Mrs. Wanda M. Knox

    Dr. J.W. Lancaster

    Dr. C. A. McConnell

    Rev. Paul McGrady, Sr.

    Dr. W. M. McGuire

    Rev. E. Milo & Esther Martin

    Rev. Austin T. & Mrs. Johnnie Moore

    Dr. Forrest Wesley Nash

    Dr. Stephen W. & Mrs. Christine Hardy Nease

    Rev. Dal Newberry

    Dr. Milton B. Parrish

    Dr. C. William & Mrs. Juanita Porter

    Rev. W.I. & Grace Poteet

    Dr. Oscar F. Reed

    Dr. Wanda Mae Rhodes

    Rev. Olin Van Payton

    Dr. Gene E. Phillips

    Rev. James Robertson

    Rev. Paul & Mrs. Lena Seymore

    Dr. E. Boyd Shannon

    Rev. Marjorie Sue (Susie) Shellenberger

    Rev. Howard & Mrs. Janie Smith

    Rev. Paul Milford Sodowsky

    Rev. Marshall I. Stewart

    Mr. Lenard & Mrs. Helen Stubbs

    Dr. Carl & Mrs. Barbara Summer

    Rev. Emory Orville Walden

    Rev. Franklin Ward

    Dr. Dean & Mrs. Roxie Moore Wessels

    Rev. Bud White

    Rev. B.J. (Ben) & Mrs. Maude Wilkins

    Rev. Ron & Mrs. Sara Willard

    Rev. Robert B. & Mrs. Lenora Williams

    Rev. Clifton O. Wooldridge

    Dr. Pal L. Wright



    Mr. Harold A. Backer

    Mr. Tom H. Brown

    Rev. Aden & Mrs. Mildred Crager

    Dr. Paul G. Cunningham

    Rev. HM. Curtis, Jr.

    Dr. James H. Diehl

    Rev. William M. Dorough

    Rev. John C. & Mrs. Eunice Fechner

    Rev. Thomas Franklin Gilham, Sr.

    Dr. Nina G. Gunter

    Rev. Donald O. Hallam

    Revs. Spurgeon & O. Fae Hendrix

    Dr. Max T. & Mrs. Rebecca Jetton

    Mrs. Justine Knight

    Chap. Lt. Col. Shural G. & Mrs. Carolyn Knippers

    Dr. Harrell C. Lucky

    Dr. L. Glenn & Mrs. Phyllis McArthur

    Rev. James R. Martin

    Rev. C. Edward Nelson

    Rev. Tilden O. Parsons

    Rev. Lewis L. & Mrs. Violet Patterson

    Rev. L. Wayne Sears



    Dr. Thomas & Mrs. Madelyn Barnard

    Miss Erliene Brunkau

    Rev. & Mrs. Roy Darden

    Rev. Agnes White Diffee

    Dr. Ponder & Floy Gilliland

    Dr. C. Paul Gray

    Rev. Lee L. Hamric

    Prof. Richard Howard

    Mr. Melvin & Becky Walker Pierce

    Dr. Justin Rice

    Rev. Ken Rice

    Rev. Scot & Jill Riggins

    Rev. Terry Rohlmeier

    Dr. Malcolm Shelton

    Dr. Rob Staples

    Mr. Phil White



    Mrs. Erma Douglas

    Dr. Lester & Mrs. Margaret Dunn

    Rev. Harold L. Dunham

    Dr. Jonathon Gassett

    Dr. Russel & Ruth Human

    Rev. H. Leroy Land

    Rev. Ark Noel

    Rev. Sam Stearman



    Rev. Dallas Baggett

    Mr. Bernie & Mrs. Paula (West) Brown

    Dr. Halbert A. “Hal” Cauthron, Jr.

    Rev. Wallace R. “Wally” Renegar

    Dr. Charles D. Crow

    Dr. Kenneth E. Crow

    Mr. Richard F. Crow

    Dr. Walter E. Crow

    Rev. Eugene Leon Martin

    Rev. George L. & Mrs. Grace (Nelsen) Mowry

    Rev. A. Keith Sears

    Mrs. Myra (Luginbyhl) Schubert

    Rev. B. J. Slothower

    Rev. Julia Standridge



    Dr. David Busic

    Dr. A Ray & Mrs. Claire (Phillips) Hendrix

    Rev. Edward R. Houston, Jr.

    Mr. Everett L. & Mrs. Mildred Martin

    Mr. Robert L. & Mrs. Beverly (McAllister) Parker

    Dr. Stan Toler



    Rev. Lowell D. Churchill

    Rev. Lonnie A. & Mrs. Christie Post Green

    Dr. W.M. “Dub” & Mrs. Betty Blankenship Lynch

    Dr. Bill M. Sullivan

    Dr. Everett S. Phillips

    Rev. Robert M. “Bud” & Mrs. Sue Meek Prentice



    Rev. L Harold & Mrs. Doris Ray Blankenship

    Dr. J Michael & Mrs. Cheryl Wallace Crabtree

    Mrs. Elise Crouse

    Mr. Bailey M. “B.M” Hall

    Dr. Robert D. & Mrs. Rosa Luginbyhl McCroskey, Jr.

    Rev. Larry & Mrs. Joyce Shepherd Schmidt

    Rev. James O. & Mrs. Mildred Shepherd

    Mr. Lauris R. & Mrs. Rhonda Shepherd

    Mr. Roger P. & Mrs. Carol Hinze Shepherd

    Rev. Richard “Dick” & Mrs. Ellen Sowder

    Rev. James E. & Mrs. D. Kaye Tyrell Williams Jr.

    Mr. Aaron L. “Spike” and Mrs. Ruby Watkins



    Robert Worth

    Edwin Crouse

    H.C. & Arlene Rustin

    Timothy A. Brown

    Rev. James H. Robertson



    Mrs. Opal Billings

    Rev. Harold M. & Mrs. Shirley McKellips

    Mr. Randy J. & Mrs. Cindy A. Overholt

    Rev. Mark N. Patredis

    Mrs. Jane E. Thompson



    Dr. Tharon Daniels

    Dr. Steve Green and Mrs. Elaine Green

    Mrs. Janie (Smith) McPherson

    Mr. Jack Thompson

    Rev. Jerry Lee Harrison

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