Refining Character – Creating Culture – Serving Christ

The hope of the world is Jesus.

With a mission to create Christ-like disciples through higher education, the ultimate goal of Southern Nazarene University is to be a hope-dealer, disbursing young adults throughout the world to live out their professional and personal callings, fully equipped to represent Christ with excellence in all they do.


The Hope Rising Scholarship offers recipients a pathway for education.  Recipients show evidence of:

  • Biblical Worldview
  • Service Lifestyle
  • Academic Distinction
  • Leadership Potential
  • Vision for Influence

SNU responds with a holistic education.  Students will disburse into the world, armed with readiness to positively impact their chosen fields.    

Scholarship Components

  1. Refining Character

SNU is an academic institution committed to excellence in the classroom.  Accepting our responsibility to develop Christ-like disciples through higher education, we recognize that resilience, enthusiasm, curiosity, collaboration, honesty, generosity, and leadership are also interconnected in the character of a 2022 disciple.  These are part of a Southern Nazarene Education.

  1. Creating Culture

SNU believes and trains our students that culture is not just something you fall into without control.  We believe culture is something we create.  As followers of Christ, we forge a path of compassion, kindness, love, and holiness.

  1. Serving Christ

The heart of leadership is service.  Using Mark 9:35 as our guide, Southern Nazarene University weaves service into every aspect of life, modeling for students the expectation of service integration in every field and leading the way with irrational generosity of oneself.  


  • GPA – 3.0
  • ACT 18 or higher (or 940 or higher or the SAT)
  • Demonstrated involvement in service throughout high school


Hope Rising recipients are required to have 20 hours of service per semester with regular meetings for training and discipleship.

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Ready to Apply?

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