Television and Gaming

Due to the high volume of  traffic on the secure University network, all gaming and streaming devices must use a wired connection (ethernet cable) plugged into the network jack in each residence room. 

Television Option 1 – get free local stations

You must have a HD Antenna like this one – HDTV Antenna
Be sure to read the documentation that comes with the Antenna.
Hook the coax cable from the antenna into the back of the TV
Position the antenna on the wall as the instructions suggest

Television Option 2– buy cable TV service from Cox.  Check with your RD for physical residence address.  Call Cox: 405-600-8282 or visit a Cox retail store.

  • Cox Solutions Store
    519 NW 23rd St #102 · (405) 604-8777
    Open until 7:00 PM
  • Cox Solutions Store
    Westgate Marketplace
    217 S. MacArthur Blvd., St. 106 · (405) 470-8545
    Open until 7:00 PM

Streaming/Gaming – A wired connection (Ethernet cable) is the preferred method of connecting to the Internet. Some devices may be able to utilize the snu-guest wireless network.  
NOTE: Personal wireless routers are not authorized to be connected to the SNU network.

Television option 3 –  Preferred, Highest Quality Performance  with wired connection (ethernet cable) for watching Free Apps like NBC Sports or Paid Apps like WatchESPN or Cox Contour which requires a purchased membership and log-in credentials:

Roku Channel Store
Amazon Fire TV Apps and Games
Apple TV Entertainment
Smart TVs (Those with an ethernet port)
Laptops (for streaming without TV)

Laptops, preferably on a wired connection (Ethernet cable), can connect to a Smart TV with a HDMI cable and stream video. Some may require additional adapters. 

  • Dell Latitude 3470, HDMI and VGA interfaces
  • 13” and 15” MacBookPro, HDMI interface. Some MacBooks may need an additional adapter.
  • Lenovo, HDMI, ethernet and VGA interfaces
  • Fujitsu, Display port, ethernet and VGA interfaces 

These devices can connect to a TV with a HDMI cable and can have a wired Ethernet connection to the Internet: 

Not recommended:

  • *Chromecast will not work on SNU’s network at this time. Works best on home networks.

If you have questions, contact your RA.

For network connection problems, call the Helpdesk 491-6396 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

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