New Student Institute

Counting down until you arrive at SNU! 

What to Expect at NSI

All new students (freshmen and transfers) participate in New Student Institute at Southern Nazarene University! Because this is a significant transition and deserves to be celebrated by all, families are invited to participate for the first two days as well. Be prepared for fun, informative, and meaningful events for students and their families. New Student Institute will help you feel at home, get connected with other students, settle in, and get ready for your first year at SNU

*Family includes parents, siblings, and any other guests attending New Student Institute events to support their SNU student. NSI is optional for family.

New Student Institute and Housing Check-In

  • New Student Institute Check-in begins at 8a.m. in front of the Webster Commons on Saturday, August 14th.
  • For more information, view the complete schedules at the links below or contact Misty Jaggers (
  • For updates throughout the summer sign up for NSI texts!
  • New freshmen and transfers: please text “Join 2021newstudents@snu” to 66893
  • Parents: please text “Join 2021newparents@snu” to 66893
  • All students age 23 and under are REQUIRED to participate in NSI.

For text updates, please text “join2021newstudents@snu” to 66893



For text updates, please text “join 2020newparents@snu” to 66893


It’s almost time to make your first appearance on the campus of SNU. It is very important to us that your first days on our campus are special ones. We want to welcome you, help you get to know other new students, and help you get to know the many great people that are part of the SNU family.

New Student Institute (NSI) is a required orientation for all new students arriving in January for our spring semester.

  1. New On Campus Student Check In is Monday, January 11th from 10am-3pm. We want all new students living on campus to check in at the Webster Commons Bldg between 10am-3pm on Monday. Students can begin moving in to their residence hall right after they check in.

  2. Commuter students will check in at the Webster Commons on Tuesday, January 12th between 9am-9:30am.

  3. Our first official event will be breakfast on Tuesday morning at 9:30am followed by a day of getting to know our campus and gaining all the information you need to be successful during your time at SNU.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and getting to know you!

The link for the full schedule is:

For more updates, sign up for NSI texts!

  • New Students: please text “Join 2020newstudents@snu” to 66893
  • Parents: please text “Join 2020newparents@snu” to 66893

Have Questions? Contact the Center for Student Success

How can we help you?

Check out the links below for a lot of great information you need to make your transition to SNU as smooth as possible. Feel free to contact us at if you have questions.

The NSI Office is located on the first floor of the SNU Library in the Center for Student Success.
You can also contact our office by phone or e-mail.

Misty Jaggers
Assoc. Vice President for Student Success
Center for Student Success

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