SNU Releases Career Roadmap for MBA Graduates

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SNU’s College of Professional and Graduate Studies released “The Ultimate Career Roadmap for MBA Graduates.” The report offers guidance on the benefits of obtaining an MBA while navigating both the challenges of the pandemic and new economic possibilities on the horizon. It also addresses affordability and potential career outcomes.

The uncertainty and disruption of the past year left many adults who had contemplated enrolling in college programs fearing a lack of return on their investment. One 2019 survey, for example, showed that 77% of adult learners said a return to school would be worth the cost. By 2020, only 59% said the same. The truth, however, is that the pandemic has actually increased the need for workers in a range of industries, many of which are well-served by the capabilities and expertise offered by an MBA program.

An MBA provides a broad perspective of business, with analytical skills for effective decision-making related to accounting, finance, management, marketing, and global business practices,” said Dr. Tamara Dawson, Department Chair of the SNU School of Business and Graduate Program Director. “Supply chain management, data analytics, and anything in the area of healthcare administration roles have also been in high demand.” 

SNU offers several graduate-level business degrees:

SNU’s career guide addresses adult learners’ understandable concerns, with a straightforward look at the return on investment for earning an MBA, including lower unemployment rates, more job security during recessions, and a significantly higher earning potential. Readers will also gain insights into the question of how to make an MBA more affordable in order to maximize that return on investment.

Both potential students and recent MBA graduates can further benefit from perusing the section on potential career paths, featuring insights into jobs in high-demand areas such as healthcare, human resources, entrepreneurship, consulting, leadership, marketing, and finance. Occupational growth statistics, coupled with earnings projections, paint a full picture that learners can use to determine what path makes the most sense to ensure a successful future.

The full career guide is available here.

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