Reporting Crime

Reporting of Crime & Safety Concerns

In the event of an emergency where an actual crime is taking place, be advised of the following important contact numbers. The first step is to dial 911. If you are using a phone line in the residence hall, dial 9-911.

SNU Campus Safety and Security

Dispatch Center  405.491-6309

Bethany Police Department

405-789-2323 (Non-Emergency).

Residence Hall Directors

RD on Duty: 405-717-6279

Tulsa/Extension Campuses

SNU-Tulsa Emergency 911
SNU- Tulsa Center 918-664-4100
Tulsa Police (Non-Emergency) 918-596-9222

Community members, students, faculty, staff and guests are encouraged to report all crimes and public safety related incidents to the SNU Campus Safety and Security office. The dispatch center for Safety and Security is located at 4217 N. Peniel Avenue, Bethany, OK 73008.

If you become aware of a crime after it has occurred, it is still very helpful if you will report the incident to SNU Safety & Security – 405-491-6309.

Confidential Reporting of Crime

Students or employees who are victims/witnesses to a crime may elect to report the crime on a confidential basis. University personnel endeavor to investigate crime based on the information provided. Even if the use of the information is restricted by a request for confidentiality, the information can be very useful in providing timely warnings to others in the community, in addition to assisting with an investigation of an incident.

If you have been a victim or a witness to a crime and desire confidentiality in reporting, you should state your desire for submitting a confidential report when contacting any of the offices or personnel shown above as campus authorities.

Reporting of Crime by Counselors

University personnel serving as licensed counselors who work within a confidential counseling role are encouraged at the time a crime is reported to inform clients of the procedures for reporting crime voluntarily and anonymously. This is for the purpose of providing accurate statistics on campus crime.

The University encourages and allows counselors to provide anonymous information on crime to a campus authority on a case-by-case voluntary basis.

Reporting Campus Hazards

In order to keep personal injuries at a minimum, you are encouraged to report observed physical hazards to the Facilities Management, 491-6356; Dispatch, 491-6309; or Campus Safety and Security, 491-6385, ext. 009.

SNU-Tulsa: Please contact the SNU-Tulsa Director at 918-664-4100.

Timely Warning Announcements

When any of the campus security authorities noted above receive a report of a crime or a situation that poses a potential threat to students and/or employees, Campus Safety and Security personnel will publish a warning or an alert to the campus, attempting to warn of the potential of criminal activity. Campus security personnel will utilize one of the following as primary means of notification: emergency notification system (SNU Alert!), campus wide e-mails, notification via residence life personnel, and voice-mail for staff and faculty as the primary means of notification. The Forecast (weekly announcement), Chapel announcements, and articles in the student newspaper, The Echo are alternate routes of notification.

Campus Crime Log

SNU’s Campus Safety and Security Staff maintain an open record of reported crimes and their status. If you would like to review this record, you can find it at the Campus Security Office (Facilities).

SNU-Tulsa: The federal regulations do not require a limited-service campus site such as SNU-Tulsa to maintain a crime log. However, students and/or employees with questions about reported crimes should contact the Director of SNU-Tulsa’s office for assistance.

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