LiveLast Service Program

Mission Statement

LiveLast Service Programs aims to intentionally engage in service alongside local organizations. We believe we are called to serve others towards freedom and redemption that comes in Christ.

Our Community Partners 

Details of the program can be found HERE

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  • What if I currently work at a Non-Profit or Ministry Organization?

    A paid position cannot count toward service credit. However, if you work more than what you are paid (e.g., 20-hour contract, work 25) then you can count extra time toward service credits. This is to encourage students to continue working in their chosen ministry rather than finding another service opportunity.

  • Am I limited to the Organizations that are listed online?

    You will not be discouraged from researching other organizations that you may like to serve at, but these will have to be approved by the Office of Christian Formation.

  • What Organizations Qualify?

    Any Nazarene organization or organization that SNU has partnered within the past is eligible. Other experiences may count for credit, including volunteer work with a church, tutoring, serving at a local non-profit, and after-school programs. The Office of Christian Formation must approve all non-listed opportunities.

  • Can I earn Christian Formation Credits?

    You will receive CFC when you serve in the LiveLast Service Program. Additionally, we partner with I Love My City to provide opportunities to receive credit from various activities.


If you are interested in serving in our community, please contact our office or email the Office of Christian Formation at

Ready to Apply?

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Ready to Apply?

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