SNU’s Student Led Newspaper, The Echo, Releases Special Print Edition for 125th Anniversary

Last week, SNU’s very own student-led newspaper, The Echo, released a special print edition celebrating SNU’s 125th anniversary. This release was a great feat, considering the newspaper hasn’t been printed since Fall 2019 due to COVID and budget concerns. 

Echo Faculty advisor and Professor Jim Smith said, “Publications Board asked about doing a print version and…had built up enough budget to make it feasible. They believed the 125th year would make for a good print edition. One hundred twenty-five years is a reminder of the good work that has taken place here and our dedication to continuing this work.”

Emma Dilbeck, Echo Editor-in-Chief, said, “The print edition took several months to plan, long hours, and a lot of editing, but it was all worth it in the end.” She continued saying her vision for the newspaper was to make it accessible to everyone in the SNU community and represent the diversity on campus well.

When asked if they thought the print edition was successful, Professor Smith said, “I think we met our objectives well. It allowed the staff to work through the details of producing a printed paper and dealing with a deadline. I also think the student leadership staff should be highlighted, and the printed edition helps feature them well.” 

They did the heavy lifting for the paper and created an excellent product. Dilbeck replied, “It was a great first run for me and my team, and it allowed us to see how we can improve editions in the future.” Alongside Professor Smith and Emma Dilbeck were Assistant Editor Julia Benn and Social Media Editor Victoria Peter, who were instrumental in making this happen, as well as the many students who wrote articles for the edition.

Both Dilbeck and Professor Smith expect that there will be more print editions published in the future. Dilbeck replied, “We hope to have at least one print version each semester.” Professor Smith added, “In the past, we have done our print versions in connection with Homecoming in November. The plan moving forward is to return to this as a model.” 

The Echo newspaper is accessible at all times online via Newspaper stands will be set up in Sawyer Gymnasium this weekend during the NCAA tournament, so stop by and get a free copy for you and your friends! Copies will also be available for pick-up and distribution in the Alumni Office.

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