Southern Nazarene University’s Dr. Delilah Joiner Martin Named 2024 Oklahoma  Mother of the Year

Headshot of Dr. Delilah Joiner Martin, smiling

[Bethany, Oklahoma] – Southern Nazarene University (SNU) proudly congratulates Dr. Delilah Joiner Martin, Program Director of the Family Studies and Gerontology program, on being named the 2024 Oklahoma Mother of the Year by American Mothers Inc. This prestigious award, bestowed upon outstanding mothers who exemplify dedication, compassion, and community service, recognizes Dr. Martin’s exceptional contributions to her family, her students, and her community.

Dr. Martin’s journey is one of resilience, perseverance, and leadership, and her role as a professor and Program Director at SNU reflects her commitment to empowering individuals through education. Dr. Delilah Joiner Martin stated, “The SNU Family Studies and Gerontology program students are primarily adult women, and many are mothers. In our studies, as the program director, I have the privilege of impacting mothers and future mothers in very practical ways. They are equipped and can take what they are learning immediately into their personal lives with real-world applications. It is an honor to work in higher education as an extension of the church.”

Dr. Delilah Joiner Martin embodies the values of care, nurturing, and dedication. Dr. Melissa Lewis, Vice President of Academic Affairs, shared, “Dr. Joiner-Martin is an incredible colleague, and we are proud of her selection for this high honor. Her dedication to the community and her ongoing efforts to bless others is a testament to her strong faith.”

In addition to her remarkable contributions to academia, Dr. Martin’s selection as the 2024 Oklahoma Mother of the Year is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her family and community. From being the first high school and college graduate in her family to her leadership roles at SNU, Dr. Martin’s journey exemplifies resilience, perseverance, and service.

The journey leading to this honor is marked by profound tragedy and unwavering strength. On April 13, 2014, Dr. Martin’s world was forever altered by the unexpected loss of her beloved 27-year-old daughter, Kaytie Lenee Joiner. Amidst the grief, Dr. Martin and her family found solace in spreading kindness and celebrating Kaytie’s life through #27actsofkindness, a movement that continues to touch the lives of others.  Dr. Martin’s commitment to #livelikekaytie and extend kindness echoes her daughter’s vibrant spirit.

Among her many initiatives, Dr. Martin’s partnership with Villages OKC and her advocacy through #27actsofkindness after the tragic loss of her daughter highlights her deep compassion and dedication to supporting others, particularly mothers who have experienced loss.

Dr. Delilah Joiner Martin will be honored on the house floor of the state legislature in Oklahoma City this spring, and on April 27th, she will attend the 2024 National Mothers Convention in Omaha, Nebraska, where she will share her inspiring story and represent the state of Oklahoma alongside other exceptional mothers from across the nation.

Join us in congratulating Dr. Martin on this well-deserved honor and in celebrating her profound impact on families and communities.

For more information about the Family Studies and Gerontology program at Southern Nazarene University, visit our website or contact us. 

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