SNU Announces Faculty Awards 2022

2022 faculty award winners

Each academic year, several professors receive awards from SNU students and faculty peers.
This past year’s recipients for 2022 were Dr. Ron Wright, Dr. Scott Drabenstot, and Dr. Caio
Franca. University Provost, Tim Eades said, “One of my greatest privileges is the opportunity to
hire and work with the scholars we know as the professors of SNU. The SNU community is
deeply indebted to these three recipients who represent the finest in scholarship and
classroom teaching. They have been recognized by students and peers as the best of the best.
They each deeply care for students and pursue excellence in all they do. I’m so glad the students
and faculty have recognized their accomplishments in this way!”
The 2022 recipients were:

Dr. Caio Franca – Excellence in Faculty Performance for 21-22
This award recognizes excellence in scholarship and teaching. Faculty members may be
nominated for this award by their colleagues. The Faculty Senate then selects five finalists. The
final step of the selection process is the choice of the winner by the Provost Team. This is an
annual award.

Dr. Scott Drabenstot – Excellence in Accommodations and Support Award for 21-22
This is an annual award decided by Delta Alpha Pi, recognizing a faculty member for their
excellence in the implementation of classroom accommodations. Nominations are based on these
+ Demonstrates “Outstanding Implementation of Classroom Accommodations” as
perceived by students.
+ Maintains high academic standards.
+ Understands disability and its negative impact on students and learning.
+ Develops quality relationships with students.
+ Models inclusion.

Dr. Ron Wright – Excellence in Teaching Award for 21-22
This is an annual award elected by the SNU student body and is based on the following criteria:
+ Demonstrates overall excellence in classroom teaching.
+ Maintains high academic standards.
+ Develops quality relationships with and a positive influence on students.
+ Integrates principles of Christian faith and practice in daily living.

Dr. Steve Betts, VPAA for the College of Undergraduate Studies, remarks, “Congratulations to
these three exemplary professors. They embody the mission of SNU: to make Christ-like
disciples through higher education. It is an honor to serve alongside them.”
These awards are selected annually, and the 2023 recipients will be announced next summer.
For more information on all the accomplished professors of Southern Nazarene University,
please visit

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